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Power or petroleum or water, wherever there are fluid and air passing through, needs to be controlled for effective and efficient operations. Actuators play critical roles for these motion and flow controls. Different technologies have been used for actuations; among them the pneumatic and electric technologies are widely used.

MAGTECH manufactures and markets both high performance pneumatic and electric actuators. Through precise mechanical and electrical design, optimized components selection, and high standard assembly and testing, MAGTECH aims the advanced technologies while still keep the product reliability with equal emphasis. Our actuators are the truly intelligent and digital actuators and provide precise controls execution of modern processing controls in combustion and fluid control processes.

MAGTECH actuators are widely used in power, metallurgy, oil/gas, petrochemical, water/waste water, etc.. We provide our customer board selections, not only the sizes, characteristics, and features, but also the choices of actuator technology. MAGTECH actuators are suitable for multi-turn valves, quarter-turn valves and dampers, and control valves as well as other devices requiring actuations.

Over the years MAGTECH has also developed its businesses in instrument valves and hydraulic hose assemblies. We specialize in the design and manufacture of instrument valves, precision fittings, flanges, and complete hydraulic hose assemblies. With years of experience and deliveries, MAGTECH is a leading provider of instrument valves and hydraulic hose assemblies.

MAGTECH’s commitment to quality, customer service, and product innovation has enabled us to manufacture world-class products for wide variety of industries and applications. MAGTECH provides you with timely, cost effective, feature-rich solutions exceeding your expectations.